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Monday, February 8, 2010

Vator Splash competition

Ask Your target Market was among 10 finalist, who were chosen to present on stage! We want to thank all of our supporters who cast their votes to help us win!

Hello, my name is Lev Mazin, I'm the CEO and Co-founder of

As many other good services, ours started with frustration and pain. We were concerned about our web application not taking off as fast as we were expecting. We didn't have many users to ask, we didn't have a clue what in the world are we doing wrong.

We thought, "How cool would it be to ask our potential users what they think about our NEXT BIG IDEA BEFORE we invest in it and start development?" We looked around and couldn't find any easy affordable solution.

Formal market research is too expensive, slow and hard to access, friends' & family opinion could be biased and often inaccurate, and services like SurveyMonkey are impractical until you have your mailing list.

We felt that companies shouldn't face these high tickets and barriers to reduce their risks and improve business opportunities, so we decided to create a service that would level the playing field. What we've developed is a self-service survey platform, powered by our own proprietary national consumer panel. In our first year, our panelists have completed more than 4 million surveys. At Ask Your Target Market, our top values are quality, ease of use and affordability - with a revolutionary price point of $29.95 for 50 responses.

Let's take a look:

Define your target market

Say your team has just come up with a brilliant new feature that you'd like to explore. You start by defining your target market - we calculate the price and probability of delivering your request on fly as you adjust 9 available demographic parameters to precisely target your survey. Say you want to survey only ladies in a certain age range and with certain income...
Select the number of responses and move on. By the way - 100 responses costs under 40 bucks.

Survey editor

The Survey editor is a very simple tool to design your survey. You have the option to upload your images in case you're testing a design or a logo or a menu item.

You can preview your survey to see exactly how the respondents will see it.

When you are done - pay with PayPal and launch it. No phone calls, no delays. At that moment your survey is instantly pushed to the targeted consumer panel members and in a matter of minutes you may start getting your precious data.


Most surveys are delivered in less than 72 hours. You can analyze by several parameters and explore the traits of the panelists who completed the survey.

Use different chart options, retrospectively filter the results, and even look at them on the map. Export the data in the most common file formats and save on your hard drive or invite a coworker to see the results right on our site. Finally - you can print your fancy report and bring it to your next meeting with investors.

Target Market Research we all can afford


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