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Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Tiger Woods Apology

Have you been paying attention to the Tiger Woods saga?

Since Thanksgiving night, it has been a part of sports casts and news casts, worldwide.

Even if you aren't a sports or golf fan, you've heard of Tiger Woods and know who he is: a global icon.

We decided to do a survey, split by men and women, and see how the respondents from our consumer panel feel about his press conference on Friday February 19. Their demographics are aged 21-65, all incomes levels, education, professions and races.

The results are surprising to me!

Here are the questions:

Should Tiger have apologized to the public?

Was his apology sincere and convincing to you?

Should Elin forgive him?

Do you forgive Tiger?

The women’s answers

The men’s answers

Tell us what you think!


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