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Sunday, February 21, 2010

AskYourTargetMarket – Surveys of Targeted Market Panels for $30

by Craig Agranoff

There are a lot of survey tools out there and the Internet has made conducting and getting survey results easier than ever. Market research aimed at specific markets or demographics, however, aren’t as easy. This valuable information usually requires a lot of know-how and money to get.

Not anymore. has publicly launched after having been in private beta since appearing at the TechCrunch50 in 2009. This tool allows you to quickly and easily build surveys and narrow a target market of focused responders.

The entire app narrows down to a fairly straight-forward dashboard from which you can build your survey and desired demographics/market. You start with a page of simple selections to be made, using sliders and drop-down boxes. Age and income ranges are on sliders, for instance, while race, education, and so forth are drop-downs.

You then use a slider to choose the number of responses you’d like (starting at 50 and going up to 400). Then you’re ready to write your survey.

AskYourTargetMarket can do both straight surveys (a list of questions that everyone is asked) or a Branched Logic survey, for which different answers move to different questions. This allows for some real depth to your survey.

Finally, you can choose to have your survey DoubleCheckd. With this, AskYourTargetMarket will wait for three or more hours after your survey has been given to the panelists and then give it to them again (they won’t know it’s coming a second time). Only those surveys which have like answers on both sessions will be considered valid. This can increase accuracy in many scenarios.

Overall, the AskYourTargetMarket tool is extremely useful for most businesses. The results can be valuable and the price tag at $29.95, to start, is definitely affordable.


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